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Well, I left home at 5:45am on August 1, and it’s now 11:45pm on August 1 (from where I left)

Right now I’m over Siberia , approaching the Aldan Plateau at a speed of 890km/h with 3 hours and 45 minutes left in the flight.

It’s been comfortable and as enjoyable as economy class international travel can be. The stewardesses are breathtaking. Korean Air really does hire beautiful girls.

To keep myself busy, I’ve been finishing my “Inside Steve’s Brain” book, about Steve Jobs and Apple. I’ve also started reading “Songs of the Doomed” by Hunter S. Thompson. What a read.

I am very excited to get to Seoul, but I worry that I will want to crash. I will arrive at 4:40pm in Seoul time, which is 3:40am in Eastern time. My circadian clock is obviously still on Eastern time. I brought some melatonin to fool my pineal gland. Let’s hope it works.

The thought of leaving my friends and family has brought me to tears several times during the 8 hours I’ve been in the air. However, I know that nobody is going anywhere (hopefully), and I will be able to see them soon.

A big concern for me is that my visa is single-entry only, meaning I can leave Korea whenever I want, but I can’t re-enter. I will talk to my recruiter to see if there is a way to change the entry status of my visa. I hope it will be easier than getting my visa was (you can view my entire visa progress, as well as the hiring progress at my separate blog on the topic at

I will be taking many pictures both with my phone and my camera when I arrive in Seoul. Speaking of the iPhone… hey… iPhone dev team… if you would please hurry up and get the iPhone 3G unlocked this week, I would be most obliged. I will donate at least $20.

More to come.


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