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Tonight I met up with a couple of kids I met my second night here. They are both 19, a little Korean couple.

It happened purely by chance.

I was sitting at an intersection where I had met this guy and his girlfriend before, as well as a couple of little high school girls (nothing perverted, they’re too innocent). I was sitting there for a couple of hours, and I had 3 of these vodka drinks over the span of 2 hours or so, and I was reading my Hunter S. Thompson book.

Anyway, Charlie (or Charles, as I call him) showed up with his girlfriend on a little Vespa clone. He let me drive it! Don’t worry, I wasn’t drunk. I drove it though a few back roads. I left my camera as collateral, because I knew that he was a little nervous. Hell, I thought they’d run with it, since his girlfriend seems to love photography almost as much as I do. A fair trade, I say.

I turn the key. The smell of carborated exhaust fills the air, and adrenaline surges from my kidneys. I didn’t top 20km/h, because of the tiny streets here, but I swear the best way to see this place is by scooter.

Weaving among traffic, I was able to see a lot of the area that I hadn’t before, and I had only been driving for 5 minutes tops. I knew Charlie was worried that I was going to either steal it, or bung it up. I did neither.

I drove around a bit, and came back to where he was, to see his face a little nervous. I laughed. I explained to him my experience with these things in Cuba. We talked for a while, and all of a sudden his girlfriend pulls her hair off of her head and starts brushing it. She had cut it off one night after drinking 7 bottles of soju, which is a popular type of alcohol based on rice.

Driving along those narrow streets had a sort of romance about it that you would only dream or read about. $1000 he said. $1000 for that kind of freedom and ability to go wherever you wanted. No wonder every Korean has one. If I was more of an idiot than I already am, I would consider getting one, cops be damned.

And so, I told him I had to leave (9:30) and he offered to let me boot around town once more. How could I resist? I drove around the block a bit, and parked it where I was before. Looks like I’ve got Charlie’s trust now. I might ask him to boot me off to Itaewon (technology capital of Seoul) or Yeocksam, where my friend lives.

2 posts on one day… nat bead.


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  1. haha… yeah this looks like fun. i’m leaving for seoul the 25th for esl

    i’m going to add you on facebook, if that’s alright

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