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I had just got back from a wild adventure for a clothes drying rack when I saw that my mom had emailed me. Here is what I described to her:


Hey Mom,

I just got back from a mission to find a clothes rack. WOW. This city is like one big organism. I’ve really never seen anything like this before.

I talked to a guy at a local shop about getting a clothes rack. Luckily he spoke English. He told me to check out the Hyundai department store. That’s where it all began.

I knew where this place was, because it’s near the local subway station. I went underground, in the subway entrance, to walk up to the other side of the street, and I ended up IN this H U G E department store.

The place was seriously colossal. I don’t know another word to describe the sheer magnitude of this thing. It had everything imaginable. I finally found an information attendant to help me. She actually spoke English. Anyway, she directed me to the second basement floor.

This lady speaking half English recommended a $500 Italian clothes rack. I’m dressed in the shorts you and Dad bought me, and a white T-shirt, in my Adidas shoes. There are people walking around in Fendi and Armani suits, and she’s trying to sell me a $500 Italian clothes rack.

Anyway, I went to another floor, and all I saw were designer stores everywhere. It was unbelievable. To be rich in this city would be absolute heaven.

I snapped a couple of photos with my iPhone. It seems that’s all it’s good for until it gets unlocked. The Engrish pic I took about the “Izzat Collection” is a friggin hoot.

Mom, I think this store had the square footage of Thorold. Seriously.

Anyway, I ventured down a major road, and took a side street. The whole time I was using the moon as a kind of waypoint, so I didn’t get lost. I was strolling down this road, and there it was, shining in silver aluminum, my Holy Grail. $23 later, I was on my merry way. Victory was mine.

I took some pics of a gas station, the Engrish in the department store (after which a BEAUTIFUL girl about my age started running at me and yelling in Korean for taking the picture… I fled), the Hyundai store, and the main street by my place, and all the traffic there now. It’s just mind-blowing, really.

I swear this place is tropical. It’s so humid, you don’t need to water the plants. Kidding.

I’ve attached some more photos from today.

I’m gonna shower and meet with my new Korean friend, So Eui. She’s heavily Catholic, but we get along.

Talk to ya soon Mom. Thanks for your insight.




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