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Coming to Seoul, I knew that there would be some awesome Engrish moments. You know what I mean. Going to a country where their language is so far removed from English, there are bound to be some hilarious translations.

Here are some really good ones I’ve written down on my iPhone while walking the streets. Keep in mind that these are shirts, not billboards or signs. Each new line is a new phrase on a shirt:


Please do not borrow the

Dream of Lucifer

Dear God! How con’t never you are on TV?


Another brick in the wall

A loud outcry from lost souls

Bronzzie by itch

Institute of creative arts broadway bound

Large chance in life

Please with the happy

Super star money color

Don’t the sound stop sounding

Mocking bird wish me luck


Life is like alive

I hope so

Flying saucers for everybody

New York you’re bringing me down I love you


It’s myself the camera love

Coon Tokyo made

What’s a time is it now

Cannabis Ventura (with a picture of a pot leaf)

We’re not in the same league

I’m a tosser for design united

For your pleasure

The wall by which you are knocking it might possibly be a door

For happiness nostalgic Liverpool

Crooked mouth but nobody
notices because they are staring at your glasses

Yes!! We are the man!! Ready??
We get 58 cents for each bottle

Humming bird can’t you sing?


I’ve also posted some good ones to my photo page:

You may have to look closely at a few of those pictures, but it’s a guaranteed good laugh.

More to come.


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