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Adventured to a different part of town for dinner tonight. We went to Gangnam station and walked around to try to find this famous Viet restaurant. No go. So we settled for a curry place. I think that’s what it was called actually. A curry place. No wait, it was called A Curry Story. Weird.

Anyway, walking down the street after dinner, I spotted some doomed souls. No, not people, but squid. These poor things were in a tank, waiting for death. But these squid weren’t taking it sitting down. In a futile attempt to escape, they were ramming the sides of their tanks. But no, no escape was to be had. I could see the fear in their eyes.

Skippy there, the one in the middle on the left, was quite adament about escaping. However, a much more desolate and doomed existence awaited him outside that tank. If he did manage to get out, the hard, hot pavement would meet him. I felt bad for him. Poor guy. Just wants to get out, see the world, but he’s stuck there in that god-forsaken tank with his fellow inmates. The only way Skippy was getting out was to be torn apart, either alive or half alive, and served to a customer. Koreans often eat squid like my buddy Skippy the Squid, alive, still writhing on the plate. PETA can kiss my ass; I will try it before I leave this place.

Here was the situation on the way home:

Those of you who know me know that I am a germophobe, and a bit claustrophobic. Well, this was a horrifying combination of the two. I seriously had trouble lifting my camera up above the sea of jet black hair to take this picture, and even when I did, you can see my fellow passengers were none too pleased.

The first thing I do when I get home is wash my hands.

One more thing. Looks like the Seoul public transportation service runs Windows 2000:

Pics from tonight: Here.

Also, you can always view all my pics here.



  1. Make sure you let us know if you actually do try the alive or half-alive squid.. I’m trying to imagine how it would taste, but I can’t fathom it!

    Sounds like you’re having some really great adventures out there, Mike! Your pictures are great too! I’m glad you’re having fun 🙂

  2. Hey Mike:
    Remember the family picnic we talked about a freind of mine that is canadian and living there, he is teaching there as well, and he just got married there this past May, she is beautiful! well he is in Canada for the week, stopped by the Credit Union to see me and I got his email for you and him to hook up, please email me back so i can send you his email, hope all is well, it looks amazing!!!!! Have fun!!!!

    Michele (your CUZ)

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