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Today I went to Seoul station and headed towards the Seoul tower, also known as the Seoul North Tower.

I couldn’t find my way there, so I figured I would just look for the tower, right? Should be easy to find since it’s on top of a frickin mountain, right?! Wrong. I didn’t factor in the skyscrapers that line the heart of Seoul.

Walking up and down the side streets, I was finally able to see the mountain with the tower on top. I began on my way up, seeing a sign that read:

1200m. 1.2km, uphill. I did it all though, and only stopped to take pictures. I only had 10,000won (about $10) in my pocket, so I decided not to ride the cable car up to the tower. The elevator ride up the tower cost me 7,000 anyway.

But man it was worth it.

More pictures here.


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