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Today I went for a hike at Dobongsam, one of the tallest mountains in Seoul. I had gone with the aspiration of getting up high, but I dragged my ass this morning and didn’t leave my apartment until noon. It would take 4 hours to get to the top, and about 3 to get down, so I wouldn’t have made it before sunset.

I did get to see some really awesome stuff though. Pictures here.

The pictures really don’t do it justice. This place is amazing.

Hidden in the mountains were several Buddhist temples. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wanted to become a monk that moment. These guys live beside a brook of spring water. I saw a Korean dude drinking right from the stream. I myself had a drink at one of the temples, from a rock flowing from the mountain. It was incredible. Tasted like any other spring water you’d buy in a bottle.

At the first temple I visited, I sat in front of an old Buddha statue and just thought for a while. I noticed it had candles lit, and incense nearby. I lit an incense stick and thought of my family and friends that I miss so much, and how I wish they could be there to take it all in with me; the smell of the incense backdropped by the soothing quiet of the leaves on the trees brushing against each other, and the flowing spring from the mountain. I’ve never felt more serene.

Video here.



  1. nice, i can’t wait to hang out there and get my meditation on

  2. Hi, mike
    Wow! I kinda like this picture.
    It looks beautiful and peaceful.

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