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Since I started this blog, I’ve had over 550 unique visitors. That doesn’t count people who come to my site more than once in a day.

WordPress has great traffic tracking tools, and some of my hits come from people Googling information about Seoul and ESL teaching. I’m glad I can be of help to some people. I wish I had a resource from someone who was actually there before I came.

Not much to talk about these days. I guess that means I’m setting in. But don’t think that I won’t be posting mind-blowing updates anymore. I’m sure more things will happen.
I’ve had a sore throat that has recently been getting really bad, to the point where I wake up with the feeling of rusty AIDS-infested razor blades in my throat. I went to an international clinic today in Itaewon, and surprisingly found the place on my first try. The doctor there was good, but I think he thought I was looking for painkillers to get high. I think I have a simple throat infection. I just wanted something that is not an anti-inflammatory to ease the pain, since anti-inflammatories upset my stomach a lot. I explained how much Tylenol I am taking. He of course insisted on an anti-inflammatory. I was pissed. It didn’t work.

Along with the NSAID, he prescribed me a pill that eases my stomach, an antibiotic, and something else. I have to take 4 pills, 3 times per day, for 3 days.

On Friday, my friend came over. Her mom is a hand acupuncturist. She brought her mom’s gear, some gauze, and a clean needle. She told me she was bringing me something to make me feel better, which I assumed was soup. It was soup, but also the acupuncture stuff. Anyway, after poking me with this tool on my right middle finger to find where the ‘problem’ is, she pricked me 3 times on the middle digit, once on the base of my finger, once on the palm, and once on the knuckle of the other side of the finger.

I personally don’t believe in acupuncture, and I kinda feel bad for being a dick about it to her, but I know she meant well. Maybe if I tried to believe, it could have worked. I am interested in the psychonautic aspects of acupuncture though. I’m sure it can trigger a pretty nifty endorphin response if done properly.

Recently, a guy who I have been in touch with a bit arrived in Korea. He is now feeling the same homesickness and shock that I felt for my first 2 weeks here. I remember how excrutiating that was, so I want to help him. I really feel a lot of compassion for this guy. I will try to get ahold of him and show him around. My biggest fear was the subway, and getting lost in this 700 square km city. You never really realize how huge Seoul is. It’s just massive.

I hope I can ease his transition. I was lucky enough to have some good friends to help me out when I got here.

That’s all for now.

PS: For those of you who have left comments, thanks so much for your feedback, especially you, Doug. It was great to hear from you. I’m sorry I’m so busy these days that I couldn’t respond. I’m glad to know that I still have my fans in Canada. I’m trying to get a cheap flight home for Christmas, although I will likely be arriving on Christmas or boxing day. Spending Christmas day on an airplane might sound like crap for most of you, but for me, to know that I’m returning to my family and friends, it will be the best Christmas yet.



  1. I m glad that you finally went to see doctor.I can feel you are getting stronger and stronger each day.And I m also glad that you can give a hand to the guy who is experiencing what you had experienced.I hope you will feel better.Aza aza farting!Ps: Want to go shopping for boxing day?

  2. Mike this is truly amazing, You have a future in writing and photographing I hope you think about pursuing this course of work later on in life. You have a gift. Thank you so much for the adventure.
    Love ya Aunt Sandy and Cathy

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