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This train cruises at 300km/h.

So, my camera f’d up last night. It started taking some really funky pictures. This morning I reloaded the firmware back on my camera, and all seems good. Whew.

Last night was fun. I like Taejon. I’d consider teaching here someday. It doesn’t have all the crazy hustle of Seoul, but it has some nice areas. Luckily Min-Kyu (a new friend) has a car, and he was able to drive us around the city to see things. Again, no pictures because my camera was buggin’.

We went to an Italian restaurant and I had some pasta with crab. It was good, but when I explained that my sauce (and my dad and brother’s sauce) is better than the restaurant’s, they couldn’t believe it. I guess I will have to come back one day and bring some with me.

I got to sleep on a hard couch, which actually wasn’t as bad as you’d imagine. It’s pretty cool that this guy I just met let me and a couple of his friends stay at his place. He lives on the 12th floor of an apartment building with a really nice view of the city. I took a picture of one of the ‘apartment cities’ here. It probably has as many people in it as my hometown has. Pretty crazy.

I brought a bottle of wine from Seoul. It was a Chilean cabernet sauvignon. I gave them all a wine tasting lesson. I’m by no means a pro, but apparently I know a lot more about wine than they do.

One final thing I’ll say about Taejon is this: I like the girls here much better than Seoul. They actually smile back at you here, and seem much more friendly. I live in a very rich part of Seoul, and it seems the girls wouldn’t even look at me. I don’t really care that much, but seeing a few friendly smiles while walking around is a nice thing. Maybe it’s because Taejon doesn’t have as many foreigners as Seoul? Or maybe it’s because there aren’t any American forces stationed here.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my time here, and made some interesting friends. It just sucks that my camera bugged out, or else I’d be able to show you some of them.

I’ll be heading back to Seoul in an hour or so. I’m not moving till I get my coffee.

More pics here.


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