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I was really bored today, and woke up to a heavy rain. Great. I had planned on re-visiting Dobongsan and outdoing my previous climb. I guess it just wasn’t to be.

I hopped on the train and headed east to the uniquitous TechnoMart that I’ve heard so much about. Anyone who knows me knows that technology is what truly drives me (among a select few other things).

On the way, I saw the stop for Sports Complex, which is the Olympic stadiums that were built for the 1988 Olympics (thanks Ben Johnson). There was a design exhibition going on. I would have gone and explored that, but the weather was just too oppressive. It was cold and damp. I was hot in my sweater due to the humidity, but cold in my t-shirt due to the rain. What a pisser. I snapped a panorama and took off.

I got to TechnoMart. It’s kind of like Yongsan station, except it’s easier to navigate. I am considering spending my Christmas break in Laos. If I don’t do that, I will buy a new digital camera; just a simple point and shoot, to make it easier (and less obvious) for me to shoot simple video. Having my Sony camcorder with me while trying to shoot Koreans in their natural habitat is kind of hard when everyone is running from my lens like I’m a Japanese during the occupation. But let’s not open THAT can of worms.

I ended up upgrading my MacBook to 4GB of RAM for a little over $50. I couldn’t say no. I have been doing a lot of heavier-duty Photoshop stuff lately, and I was starting to feel the limitations of my previous 2GB. Anyway, I was excited.

TechnoMart is like 14 stories high. The 10th floor has a movie theatre, which features a really nice outdoor area, with a nice view of the Han river. I took some pictures:

Click the images for bigger sizes. The really wide image with 2 bridges is actually 18 pictures side-by-side.

I’m not going to include a gallery from today because the pictures you see are the only interesting ones.

So, it’s been a boring and kind of depressing day. I’ve been sitting in my apartment for the last 10 hours, playing xbox and backing up some files. Yeah. I back up my files when I get bored. I learned my lesson from The Great Hard Drive Crash of 2007. And I only lost about 50 photos.

So, that’s all for today. As always, most of my Korean photos are available here.



  1. hi mike

  2. Awesome pics dude; glad to see you taking advantage of the adventure.

    We miss you

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