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I should have died today. By all means, I was in grave danger, on slippery rock faces, 700+ meters in the air.

But I didn’t. Obv.

Today I finally conquered Dobongsan. I got to the very top. And I saw some things that were shocking and appalling. People here have absolutely no fear. From 60+ year old ladies, to an 8 year old kid, they were climbing steep rocks like it was a walk in the friggin park.

You can see my pictures from today here.

So yeah, it took about 4 hours to get to the top of the mountain. I thought I was in good shape, but I had 50+ year olds beating me. Some literally beating me. Old ladies here have really sharp elbows. They’re too damn cute to be mad at though.

The climb is really complicated. Some areas don’t look like they should be walked on, but it’s the only way up. Other areas have stairs carved into the rock, the steps worn smooth from the millions of steps walked across them.

dsc_1609Notice the people walking awkwardly around the rocks.

The mountains here are awesome because they’re littered with temples. The one thing I wonder is how the hell they build these things way up high on the side of a mountain. They are made of brick and wood, with stone floors. They’re absolutely magnificent as well. Huge bronze Buddha statues can be found inside them. How do they get these things up there? We may never know.

Here are some more pictures I’d really like you guys to see. Just remember that what you’re seeing took me about 2 hours to get to, and is built into the side of a huge mountain.


There were hundreds of these statues. You can see a panorama of them here.

dsc_1636Running through that black brick wall was a water line that comes straight from the mountain.


dsc_1657 Cute little guy, but not as cute as Mackenzie

At one temple we stopped at, I met a nice dog. He is a special breed of dog that is native to Korea. One old guy told me that it is ‘the Korean traditional dog’.

This pretty much concludes my Dobongsan victory post. I may head to another mountain next weekend. We’ll see.

You can see my pictures from this trip to Dobongsan here.

As always, you can see all my pictures from Korea here.


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