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This past weekend, I was sick and feeling kinda down. It was rainy too. Anyway I decided to go explore. I have heard of Cheonggycheon before, but never been there or seen it. It is a 6km man-made river running through Seoul that was demolished after the post-war boom of South Korea. They decided to restore it, and after its completion in 2005, it opened.

I ended up getting off at a station near there and walking around. I found a ‘World Heritage Site’ (there are tons of them here), and I decided to go check it out. For a place to be designated a world heritage site, it has to have some significance to the history of all mankind.


It was built in 1394 as a place for memorial ‘spirit’ tablets of deceased royalty. Talk about spooky. It was used for confucian ceremonies for the dead. There are 19 memorial tablets of kings and 30 of their queens, placed in 19 chambers. The south entrance gate was reserved for spirits to enter and exit. The east gate was for the king, and the west was for the performers of the royal ceremonies.

After taking all that in, I went to find Cheonggycheon. After a nice walk, I found it. It’s LONG.


So that’s pretty much it. Of course you can see the pictures from that day here. As always, all my pictures are available here.

Oh, and here’s a video I made of my apartment for whoever’s interested.




  2. Where did I even say quick look? I lol’d anyway.

  3. When you were talking about your washing machine.

  4. I am so glad that I took the time to look at this. I am impressed with you, as always.

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