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img_02111It looks like a face, ok?

On September 27, 2008, I announced my 500th visitor. I’m happy to announce that this morning, I received my 2,000th hit. So, from my first post on August 1, to November 17, I’ve had 2,000 visitors.

Here’s some math:

– Average of 18.75 hits per day.

– Over the past 2 months, I’ve averaged 30.5 hits per day, every day.

– WIth 500 visits on September 27th, my new number of 2,024 shows an increase of over 300% in traffic over the first month.

– Since my 1,000th hit post, I’ve doubled my traffic in one-third the amount of time it took me to reach 1,000 views. That’s an average for the past month of 33.3 hits per day.

– Many hits come from Google, with search terms such as “hyundai dept store”, “clean Korea”, Seoul, and others.

– My 3 most popular posts are (in order):

Random Thoughts on a Dreary Day

Holy Bingsu! Over 1,000 Visitors!

Han River HDR Shots

– My YouTube videos have received a total of more than 330 views.

Just thought I’d let you all know about my numbers. I’m really proud of this, and thanks to everyone who checks back here regularly. I promise to have something more interesting next time.



  1. And why did you think anything less?
    Atta boy Mike!!

  2. Nice mang.

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