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There is something about Sundays in this city that makes me feel different.

On Sundays, I like to just wander and explore… find things I haven’t seen yet. There is something so romantic about this city on a Sunday afternoon. The air seems cleaner. I feel like I really belong here.

Today I decided to check out Yeouido. I came out at Yeouinaru Station. This is a special station because instead of crossing the Han River by bridge, it actually goes under the river, 90.4 feet below sea level. This is the deepest subway station in all of Korea.

The first thing I noticed was a HUGE kite, or rather kite of kites being flown over the river. It was actually emotionally moving to see something like that. There were many people flying their own kites so high over the river. Some of you may not know, but I LOVE KITES. Always have, don’t know why.


This guy’s got it goin on.

After that, I decided to cross one of the bridges. On foot. It was quite a trip. There is a lot of construction happening in this area. They are building some really nice wooden observatory-type structures on the bridge. To be honest, I’ve never been on a bridge like this before, and I was freaking out at times. I guess I’m afraid of heights. I was happy though because I got some of the best views of the city I’ve had in a while. Well, except for the mountain stuff of course.


After that it was off to get some food. I was suddenly really hungry. I sat and ate my 돌솦비빔밮 (stone bowl bibimbap, rice with vegetables and a bit of meat) and marked some tests.

dsc_2249You know you’re an English teacher when…

See more pics here.

PS: Sorry for the delay in updating. I’ve actually had people complaining, which is a great thing!


One Comment

  1. i was born in korea
    came to states in 94 & never had chance to go back
    i miss korea so much
    thanks for great pics

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