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Sorry it’s been so long since the last update.

This past month, I’ve really grown to love my job. I never thought I would really care about my students as much as I do. I’ve begun to notice that I am excited to go to work on Monday to see them. Who would have thought?

I have taken it upon myself to improve their readin, no matter what. I have been enforcing a “Reading Express every day” rule, where my students are to do their reading homework every night, or else! The ‘or else’ part usually involves me simply ^_~ing at them, which is me raising my eyebrow at them, furrowing my brow, and probing as to why they haven’t done it.

Through this, I have learned a lot about how Korean parents are with their children. I shouldn’t say that all Korean parents are like this, but bear with me for a moment.

Never before have I heard a 7 year old say that they don’t have time for something. When I was 7 years old, I was riding my bike between the two side streets between my house. No further, lest I get lost. One of my students has the following: English class, Tae Kwon Do, violin, and swimming. All in one night. How is a 7 year old supposed to be a 7 year old with so much to do, and so much pressure to excel in everything?

Have a look at this:

img_0004This was written by a 7 year old.

When I was 7, I had no idea what a Master’s or Ph.D. degree was.

I feel it’s sad, and takes away the magic from childhood.

And so, I do my best to ensure that my kids have a good time while learning against their will.

That’s all for now. Here’s a nice finisher:

img_0001Mr. Clown looks a bit too happy. My student agrees.


One Comment

  1. it’s shame what most korean kids are going through
    thanks god my parents were diffrent than most korean parents

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