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I am now in Canada, with my dog resting his chin on my knee. Yesterday I arrived in Toronto at 3:40 or so. I left Seoul at 11am Seoul time. My total travel time was about 20 hours.

I booked my flight on November 12th, basically on a whim. A $2000 whim.

It’s great to be back home. I really missed my family. I made it back to Thorold at 5:30, right on time for Christmas dinner with my family. It was surreal to see everyone. I didn’t even have a chance to shower. We went directly to my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner.

After I had a delicious dinner, I came home for a ‘quick’ shower. The second I entered the house, my dog was right at the door, just as he always is whenever someone comes home. But this time, he was different. He jumped up on me as usual, but then did a double-take and realized who it was. I’ve never seen him react the way he did last night. He started screaming. It almost sounded like a young child. He up on his back legs, actually jumping.

So, my ‘quick shower’ turned into me spending about an hour cuddling with Mackenzie and just taking in the whole experience of being home. It was absolutely surreal to be back in my house.


The flight from Seoul to Japan was about 2 hours. The flight from Japan to Detroit was about 12, and the flight from Detroit was about 35 minutes. It was unreal.

Anyway, I’m going to a party tonight for my friend leaving to Argentina tomorrow. Nobody knows I will be there, except for 2 people. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction.


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  1. i miss you mikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….hope everything goes smooth and i dont know what to say… anyway, hope to see you soon

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