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Coming back to Canada has really opened my eyes about some truths about my ‘home’. One thing I noticed is how boring a place it is. Walking my dog down the street the other day, I wondered to myself where all the people were. It’s absolutely dead in my area. Even at Niagara Falls, a popular tourist attraction, there are very few people compared to Seoul. I don’t have to navigate my way around huge groups of people. I have to wait more than a few minutes to cross the street. I (and drivers here) aren’t used to me crossing the street and coming so close to the cars.

Another thing is how much this place sucks for public transportation. I live in Southern Ontario, in a small city called Thorold. We have one bus. If I were to take the bus from Thorold to Niagara Falls, it would take me at least an hour, with a lot of complicated transfering. In Seoul, the same distance would take maybe 20 minutes with a few transfers. But these transfers are very easy and quick. There, to transfer to another subway line, there is virtually no waiting. Here, you’d likely be waiting 15-30 minutes for a transfer. Also, you’re outside, above ground, waiting in a bus shelter. In Seoul, you’re 5 floors underground, with heating.

Also, the food is much different. I got sick the first day from having pizza. It was simply too greasy in comparison to the food I’m used to in Korea. The food in Korea is so full of vegetables and is (from my choices) very non-greasy. There are, however, a couple of Korean restaurants around my area. Here is some of the food they offer:


As you can see, it’s quite a bit more expensive than in korea. Dol sop bibimbap is $7.50, compared to about $4.50 in Seoul. And that $4.50 bibimbap comes with 5+ different side dishes. Funnily enough, the restaurant picture I posted is run by Chinese.

Here’s a picture of downtown St. Catharines:


As you can see, it’s nothing compared to central Seoul:


These places literally are a world apart. But you know what? I am and always will be Canadian. Plus, where else can you find characters like this guy?:

dsc_2731He got PISSED that I took a picture of him.

I leave to go back ‘home’ in 2 days. I love and missed my family, but to be honest, I can’t wait to get back. I miss the rush and hustle of the big city, and there’s also a special someone waiting for me. Life is good.


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  1. I’ve now lost track of how many tallies I was keeping across the board on all the things I am completely jealous and envious of you for. However, those are wasteful emotions anyhow- nice blog! Beautiful pictures too! I’m pretty sure the wing shot of the plane is by far the best one taken from a window seat. It was nice meeting you the other day, your travels seem like they meant a lot to you, but I bet it’s nice showering in an actual shower again huh? 🙂


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