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Daily Archives: January 13th, 2009

dsc_2864Welcome home!

After a nice visit to Canada, I headed back to Seoul on January 2nd, 2009. Everything went swimmingly during my flight home. No fatties near me, no barbaric bludgeonings of screaming infants (although there was a close call). The night after I came back, I fell flat on my face and needed 7 stitches to close the wound. I also broke my hand in a classic “boxer’s fracture”.

This kind of fracture happens when you make a fist, and it impacts something hard, like the skull of an ajumma (old Korean lady) elbowing me in the ribs for a seat on the subway, or a concrete wall. In some odd twist of fate, I fell down 2 stairs. Blood everywhere. It was like a movie.

dsc_28581If this disgusts you, don’t look at it.

Initially, I put a band-aid® over my eyebrow and figured it was just a scrape. Then i noticed the blood wasn’t stopping. Off to the hospital I went. I had 7 stitches done by a plastic surgeon, so I shouldn’t have a scar, although I think a scar would look kind of cool. They wanted to operate on my hand that night, but I told them to stick it. I waited to talk to a professor/surgeon at the university hospital, and he told me that it’s a very small fracture, and that I don’t need surgery. So I have to wear a stupid splint on my arm until the 28th of January. I take it off for showers.

The whole ordeal has cost me about $700 so far, all things considered. I can’t cook for myself, so I have to buy my food whenever I’m hungry. I’m getting quite sick of store-bought food and restaurants.

Anyway I’ll end this with the $2000+ reason why I came home: