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dsc_2864Welcome home!

After a nice visit to Canada, I headed back to Seoul on January 2nd, 2009. Everything went swimmingly during my flight home. No fatties near me, no barbaric bludgeonings of screaming infants (although there was a close call). The night after I came back, I fell flat on my face and needed 7 stitches to close the wound. I also broke my hand in a classic “boxer’s fracture”.

This kind of fracture happens when you make a fist, and it impacts something hard, like the skull of an ajumma (old Korean lady) elbowing me in the ribs for a seat on the subway, or a concrete wall. In some odd twist of fate, I fell down 2 stairs. Blood everywhere. It was like a movie.

dsc_28581If this disgusts you, don’t look at it.

Initially, I put a band-aid® over my eyebrow and figured it was just a scrape. Then i noticed the blood wasn’t stopping. Off to the hospital I went. I had 7 stitches done by a plastic surgeon, so I shouldn’t have a scar, although I think a scar would look kind of cool. They wanted to operate on my hand that night, but I told them to stick it. I waited to talk to a professor/surgeon at the university hospital, and he told me that it’s a very small fracture, and that I don’t need surgery. So I have to wear a stupid splint on my arm until the 28th of January. I take it off for showers.

The whole ordeal has cost me about $700 so far, all things considered. I can’t cook for myself, so I have to buy my food whenever I’m hungry. I’m getting quite sick of store-bought food and restaurants.

Anyway I’ll end this with the $2000+ reason why I came home:




  1. I lol’d.

  2. You must be joking just got home and you look like you got run over. ha ha.

  3. Just stop by and say Anyoung~!

    I wish you get better soon.

  4. Hey Mike. Found your blog listed on Dave’s Esl Cafe. Very interesting read I must say. I’m heading to Seoul in Feb. to begin my teaching contract. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. Thanks for the preview of things to look forward to.

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