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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Beautiful Geumho

Beautiful Geumho

Yesterday I had the pleasure of accompanying Michael Arnold (마이클 아놀드) and the lovely Jennifer Yun on a trip to Geumho, to a bunch of condemned buildings that are slated for destruction in May of this year. They will be replacing these beautiful buildings with cookie-cutter apartment buildings, just like the rest of the city. The videos pictured above aren’t (yet) condemned.


These buildings have so much character. I never would have known about this place had Michael not given me the opportunity to check them out and photograph them. We went inside many of them, as you can see in this video:

Many of these places are nicer than mine! I hate that the government is tearing down these buildings with so much history and character, and replacing them with the same 20-storey apartment bricks that you can find anywhere else in the city. Geumho, as it is now, is an amazing place where you can see real Korean buildings as they were long ago.

As Michael explained to me, the government built these buildings long ago to keep people off the streets. Pretty much any red brick building in this area was built by the old government. (I will update this info when I get specifics from Michael; I’m only paraphrasing here).

We had an interesting conversation with a really nice older Korean lady (one of the few nice ones I’ve seen here) about her situation. They will be tearing her building down in May and moving her somewhere near Namsan, if there are spots available. It will cost her a considerable amount of money to live there. You can see our conversation (through Jennifer) in the video above.
She was so lovely and informative. She had such a nice personality, even though we were kind of walking around her building without her permission. We wouldn’t have if we knew there was someone living there, obviously.

Seeing all these beautiful buildings with their amazing views of the river was an incredible experience. Thanks to Michael and Jennifer for the experience.

You can view all of my photos from this adventure here.

PS: I’m about to hit 4,000 views. Thanks for your support!

... a rack of bones.

... a rack of bones.

I can’t remember a time when I’ve been this thin. And it was all by accident.

First I broke my hand, so I couldn’t cook every day like I was before. Then I got a sinus infection, and am just plain not hungry.

A few days ago, I went to the doctor about my sickness. I felt sick, but not really that bad. He told me I have a sinus infection, and prescribed me a whole bunch of pills. I didn’t get the prescription filled.

Fast-forward to today. I wake up with 5 pounds of mucous in my face and a headache that could split the earth. I felt weak, cold, slow, and nauseous. Luckily today was a 2:30 day for me, so I got to leave early. I went directly to an ear, nose, and throat specialist and got the dope I need:


I hate to take antibiotics, but this thing feels like it’s killing me. I’ve taken one packet of those (supposed to take 3 per day for 4 days), and I’m already feeling much better, likely due to the antihistamine and decongestants. This guy’s pretty good too. His secretary remembered my name the moment I walked in. I had been there a few months ago for a similar problem.

Wow. I just throw those words around now. “A few months ago.” It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here for 6 months.

Here’s a random journal entry from one of my favourite students. He’s 7:


One moar thing… The Prodigy have a new album coming out. Preview it (before you buy it, obviously) here.


Wow it’s been a while. What to talk about…

I’ve been really busy lately with my students and their F#($@%*# drama festival. My 7 year olds have memorized “The Shoemaker and the Elves”. I’ve had to design costumes for the elves, the shoemaker, his wife and 3 shoppers. In total, about 12 costumes.

That’s all I have to say about that.

I went to Incheon airport on the 31st of January to pick up my significant other. It was cool because I took the subway all by myself. It’s a long trip. From Apgujeong to Gimpo airport, then Gimpo to Incheon. I took a fancy ‘express’ train that looked like the inside of a passenger aircraft. There was even a pretty stewardess with a plastered-on smile.

On the way, I saw this psycho:


I respect people’s ideas and beliefs, but this guy was just plain irritating. Coming through a really crowded subway with a cross that says “Believe in Jesus” and yelling some evangelical crap in my ear is just plain uncalled for, and in my opinion, is a violation of my comfort. So, I stuck my camera in his face, flash full-on, and snapped this shot. This is worse than those idiots who sell drain snakes on the subways.

Anyway, here are some shots of Incheon airport, and a video:

dsc_3066This is the area where you go to departures or arrivals.

dsc_3067This place looks like a space ship.

dsc_3069Further confirmation that this place may be a space ship.

And finally a video:

My kids will be graduating soon. This is really depressing for me, since they were my first ‘real’ students. They put up with abotu as much of my crap as I did theirs. I will really miss them. I’m hoping I don’t get stuck with the 4 year old class. I don’t know if I have the patience, or mental ability to deal with little kids who don’t know when to wash their hands.

Here’s a video I made today while walking around Itaewon, which is a very popular international area in Seoul:

I’ve begun making a lot more videos. You can see my video gallery here. Also, as always, my photo gallery is here.