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Wow it’s been a while. What to talk about…

I’ve been really busy lately with my students and their F#($@%*# drama festival. My 7 year olds have memorized “The Shoemaker and the Elves”. I’ve had to design costumes for the elves, the shoemaker, his wife and 3 shoppers. In total, about 12 costumes.

That’s all I have to say about that.

I went to Incheon airport on the 31st of January to pick up my significant other. It was cool because I took the subway all by myself. It’s a long trip. From Apgujeong to Gimpo airport, then Gimpo to Incheon. I took a fancy ‘express’ train that looked like the inside of a passenger aircraft. There was even a pretty stewardess with a plastered-on smile.

On the way, I saw this psycho:


I respect people’s ideas and beliefs, but this guy was just plain irritating. Coming through a really crowded subway with a cross that says “Believe in Jesus” and yelling some evangelical crap in my ear is just plain uncalled for, and in my opinion, is a violation of my comfort. So, I stuck my camera in his face, flash full-on, and snapped this shot. This is worse than those idiots who sell drain snakes on the subways.

Anyway, here are some shots of Incheon airport, and a video:

dsc_3066This is the area where you go to departures or arrivals.

dsc_3067This place looks like a space ship.

dsc_3069Further confirmation that this place may be a space ship.

And finally a video:

My kids will be graduating soon. This is really depressing for me, since they were my first ‘real’ students. They put up with abotu as much of my crap as I did theirs. I will really miss them. I’m hoping I don’t get stuck with the 4 year old class. I don’t know if I have the patience, or mental ability to deal with little kids who don’t know when to wash their hands.

Here’s a video I made today while walking around Itaewon, which is a very popular international area in Seoul:

I’ve begun making a lot more videos. You can see my video gallery here. Also, as always, my photo gallery is here.


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