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... a rack of bones.

... a rack of bones.

I can’t remember a time when I’ve been this thin. And it was all by accident.

First I broke my hand, so I couldn’t cook every day like I was before. Then I got a sinus infection, and am just plain not hungry.

A few days ago, I went to the doctor about my sickness. I felt sick, but not really that bad. He told me I have a sinus infection, and prescribed me a whole bunch of pills. I didn’t get the prescription filled.

Fast-forward to today. I wake up with 5 pounds of mucous in my face and a headache that could split the earth. I felt weak, cold, slow, and nauseous. Luckily today was a 2:30 day for me, so I got to leave early. I went directly to an ear, nose, and throat specialist and got the dope I need:


I hate to take antibiotics, but this thing feels like it’s killing me. I’ve taken one packet of those (supposed to take 3 per day for 4 days), and I’m already feeling much better, likely due to the antihistamine and decongestants. This guy’s pretty good too. His secretary remembered my name the moment I walked in. I had been there a few months ago for a similar problem.

Wow. I just throw those words around now. “A few months ago.” It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here for 6 months.

Here’s a random journal entry from one of my favourite students. He’s 7:


One moar thing… The Prodigy have a new album coming out. Preview it (before you buy it, obviously) here.



  1. Looks like more PASTA is needed on them bones Mike!

  2. Hey you had better start eating even soup. Mikey I really miss you and the videos where great.

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