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Beautiful Geumho

Beautiful Geumho

Yesterday I had the pleasure of accompanying Michael Arnold (마이클 아놀드) and the lovely Jennifer Yun on a trip to Geumho, to a bunch of condemned buildings that are slated for destruction in May of this year. They will be replacing these beautiful buildings with cookie-cutter apartment buildings, just like the rest of the city. The videos pictured above aren’t (yet) condemned.


These buildings have so much character. I never would have known about this place had Michael not given me the opportunity to check them out and photograph them. We went inside many of them, as you can see in this video:

Many of these places are nicer than mine! I hate that the government is tearing down these buildings with so much history and character, and replacing them with the same 20-storey apartment bricks that you can find anywhere else in the city. Geumho, as it is now, is an amazing place where you can see real Korean buildings as they were long ago.

As Michael explained to me, the government built these buildings long ago to keep people off the streets. Pretty much any red brick building in this area was built by the old government. (I will update this info when I get specifics from Michael; I’m only paraphrasing here).

We had an interesting conversation with a really nice older Korean lady (one of the few nice ones I’ve seen here) about her situation. They will be tearing her building down in May and moving her somewhere near Namsan, if there are spots available. It will cost her a considerable amount of money to live there. You can see our conversation (through Jennifer) in the video above.
She was so lovely and informative. She had such a nice personality, even though we were kind of walking around her building without her permission. We wouldn’t have if we knew there was someone living there, obviously.

Seeing all these beautiful buildings with their amazing views of the river was an incredible experience. Thanks to Michael and Jennifer for the experience.

You can view all of my photos from this adventure here.

PS: I’m about to hit 4,000 views. Thanks for your support!


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