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Monthly Archives: March 2009


Well, tomorrow I’m off to Fukuoka for a visa run. I’ll leave Incheon airport at 8am and arrive in Japan about an hour and a half later, at which time I’ll have to find my way to the Korean consulate to renew my visa.

I am a bit nervous since I don’t know my way around the city at all, but I’ve got a few guides from the intertubes describing where to go. I think I’ll be fine. Well, I better be fine, since my current visa expires on April 11th.

Check back here Wednesday or so for photos and stories of my trip. The weather is supposed to be nice for the couple of days that I’m there, so I think I’ll be able to get some nice photos and maybe even some video.

Keep it real until then.



I got to a peak on Suraksan today. And I’m sick. Beat that.

I was also asked if I was Korean today. Really. He wasn’t kidding. Have you ever seen a Korean with sideburns like this? I don’t think so.

I met some really nice older Koreans today. There was a great buzz in the air on that mountain. I think everyone was happy to be out in the nice weather, away from the snow and clouds of winter. I know I was.

So yeah, I’m still sick. It’s been going on for almost 2 months now. It started with sinusitis, which was further aggravated by the yellow dust blowing in from China, as a result of their continued abuse of the Earth, which is causing desertification. Thanks Hu.

I met this group of guys eating and drinking on the side of the mountain, just near the peak. They were really interested in me, and told me how handsome I was. I swear I get more compliments from guys here than I do girls. They gave me some of this rancid ginseng alcohol, which was really strong. I had a nice buzz on the way down, which I submit is not the safest idea.

Here’s the video:

You can see more videos from today at my YouTube page.

They were really friendly and offered me a lot of food and drink. That small cup of whatever the hell I drank hit me like a hammer though.

Anyway, I got to the top after a couple of hours. It was a lot easier than Dobongsan. I didn’t feel sick after getting to the top either. I think I needed some good exercise to clear my lungs of the garbage pollution and dust that is constantly around the metro areas of Seoul.

So I have a question for you guys. What would you like to see more of? My daily life? Simple stuff like walking to get food? Videos from my job? What? Ask and ye shall receive.

I am gonna go play some xbox. I am dead tired and the meds they gave me makes me a bit “somniferous”, as the pharmacist said.

Oh, I got a haircut. I got it short so I don’t have to pay to get another one in a couple of weeks. Yes, that’s how poor I am these days.


And finally, here’s a composite of 10 shots into one. Instead of taking all these shots and doing all the post-processing, wouldn’t it be nice if I had a wide-angle lens? 😉


You can view all my photos from today here.

As always, all of my photos are available here.


My school decided they had to ‘let me go’ because there weren’t enough students for me to have a class. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

So I’ve got another job in Haengdang. It’s a lot different from Apgujeong. You can actually find groceries neaer your place, and it doesn’t cost $500 for a clothes hanger (but it’s made in Italy!).

I’ve been to my new place twice to check it out and try to get things set up. They were painting a bit, but it’s all done now and I’ll go tonight to bleach everything and arrange the room to my satisfaction. It’s not as big as my place in Apgujeong, but it’s a comfortable place.

My new employer is great. This job is a lot more laid-back than my last, and I don’t feel like I’m under the gun all the time. I also trust these people a lot more. They don’t take $700 from my first 2 pays for a ‘security deposit’, and there is no housing deposit. Mutual trust is a good thing.

I’ll post pics once I’m moved in and comfortable. It will be a crazy few days getting all my stuff moved, but that’s life, right?

Also this:

I had the pleasure of shooting some photographs with the one and only Michael Arnold a couple of weeks ago.

He just posted his one thousandth video to YouTube:

Here’s a quick history of my experience with MikeInKorea…

In 2002 I decided I wanted to teach English in Taiwan. After finishing college in 2004, I decided to go to university. Around this time, Korea started to interest me. I started watching Michael’s videos in mid-2007 or so, which really got me interested in Korea. The fact that someone was so interested in the country that he could post so many videos about his daily experiences really got my interest piqued.

After graduating and making the final decision that I would teach English SOMEWHERE in this world, I did a lot of soul searching and found that through Michael’s videos, I was already comfortable with Seoul.

And so, here I am, almost 8 months living in Seoul, South Korea, and I owe a large part of my good decision to Michael’s videos. When I finally got to Seoul, I learned where the cool places were through his videos.

So, Michael, here’s to another 1000 videos. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. You reached me all the way from Canada, and I owe many of my life-changing experiences here in Korea to you.