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I had the pleasure of shooting some photographs with the one and only Michael Arnold a couple of weeks ago.

He just posted his one thousandth video to YouTube:

Here’s a quick history of my experience with MikeInKorea…

In 2002 I decided I wanted to teach English in Taiwan. After finishing college in 2004, I decided to go to university. Around this time, Korea started to interest me. I started watching Michael’s videos in mid-2007 or so, which really got me interested in Korea. The fact that someone was so interested in the country that he could post so many videos about his daily experiences really got my interest piqued.

After graduating and making the final decision that I would teach English SOMEWHERE in this world, I did a lot of soul searching and found that through Michael’s videos, I was already comfortable with Seoul.

And so, here I am, almost 8 months living in Seoul, South Korea, and I owe a large part of my good decision to Michael’s videos. When I finally got to Seoul, I learned where the cool places were through his videos.

So, Michael, here’s to another 1000 videos. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. You reached me all the way from Canada, and I owe many of my life-changing experiences here in Korea to you.



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