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My school decided they had to ‘let me go’ because there weren’t enough students for me to have a class. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

So I’ve got another job in Haengdang. It’s a lot different from Apgujeong. You can actually find groceries neaer your place, and it doesn’t cost $500 for a clothes hanger (but it’s made in Italy!).

I’ve been to my new place twice to check it out and try to get things set up. They were painting a bit, but it’s all done now and I’ll go tonight to bleach everything and arrange the room to my satisfaction. It’s not as big as my place in Apgujeong, but it’s a comfortable place.

My new employer is great. This job is a lot more laid-back than my last, and I don’t feel like I’m under the gun all the time. I also trust these people a lot more. They don’t take $700 from my first 2 pays for a ‘security deposit’, and there is no housing deposit. Mutual trust is a good thing.

I’ll post pics once I’m moved in and comfortable. It will be a crazy few days getting all my stuff moved, but that’s life, right?

Also this:



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