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On my first day here (after arriving), I woke up at 8am and headed to the consulate right after my shower and ‘breakfast’, which consisted of 2 tubular objects that the Japanese consider to be sausage, a blob of yellow mass that I assume is supposed to resemble scrambled eggs, toast, and a roll. Whatever.

The consulate was easy to find, but I am really good with direction. Some may find it hard, so I documented my trip there, complete with pictures. I’ll post my guide to the consulate in a bit. I’ll give it to my recruiter too, just in case others have trouble finding it. The consulate itself was pretty cool looking. The guards were really nice guys. The visa cost me *6,000 yen*, which is 82,800 Korean won, which is $76 Canadian dollars. Wow. And they only take cash. Good thing I didn’t check out any of the restaurants.

After that, I realized I was near the Yahoo! dome, which had a McDonalds. I got a Big Mac, fries, and orange juice. I don’t usually eat McDicks, but I figured it would be familiar food and it was close. There, I spent my last 1000 yen. Realizing that I only had about 300 yen in my pocket, I began to panic. I had no money; only enough to get me to the airport from where I was at that point. Shit. I tried every ATM machine in the area, but none of them would accept any card I had. At this point, I felt real panic gripping me. Was I really going to be stuck? After all, I had to get back to my hotel (250 yen), and tomorrow I had to go to the consulate (290 yen), and then to the airport (another 290 yen). I decided on a whim to go to the airport and see if they had international ATM machines. Bingo. I had money. I never really felt so panicked before in my life. But it was all over.

Money in pocket, I got a big bottle of water and headed for Ohori park, which has to be one of the nicest parks I’ve ever seen. More about that in the next post.


Here’s my guide to the Korean Consulate in Fukuoka.


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