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Gwanaksan is officially my favourite mountain in Korea (so far). I got to the top in about 2 hours, and all the way up there were clean streams to drink from. Everything is so accessable there.

I got to the mountain late yesterday, around 1. I usually try to get to the mountain itself around 10 or 11. Anyway, it was about 22 degrees and sunny with a nice cool breeze, so it was absolutely the perfect day for hiking.


It was a bit difficult to get to the peak. I had to climb steep rock faces to get all the way up there. Honestly it was pretty damn scary. 100% worth it though.

Today I’ll go to Yeouido to see the cherry blossoms. I’m sure I’ll get some awesome photos.

You can see all my videos here.

And my photos from Gwanaksan here.


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  1. What wonderful pictures, Mike you have outdone yourself.

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