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Jeongneung (정릉) is an ancient burial ground for two Joseon kings, and one queen. It’s located in the Seolleung area of Seoul. Anyway, last weekend I was bored and decided to take a trip here because of its historical significance.

It was a nice day and I just relaxed on the grass and enjoyed the nearly-500-year-old tomb. I wonder what the bodies look like now.

Buddy is buried in a tomb inside or on top of a huge hill. The picture doesn’t really do it justice… this burial mound is huge:


Anyway, it was a trip to be sitting in such a historical place.

Apparently this building was used for sacrifices:


The park is really peaceful and quiet. I spent pretty much the whole afternoon just relaxing on the grass (!) under a cherry tree, with blossom petals falling all around me. It was nice.


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  1. I just wanted to say I love your pictures!
    If youre still in Korea, you should hike Gwanaksan from the Anyang-si side., I have done both now and it is amazing! Slightly more rugged and therefore a more difficult climb, but totally gorgeous. Plus you get to see an amazing set of temples!

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