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So yesterday was my birthday. I’m now officially half way to 50. Scary stuff.

I woke up around 11 and lazed around for a bit. After that, I went to Seoul Forest Park by bike. It was a perfect day to just sit around and relax. Unfortunately, it was a national holiday here (Children’s Day), and everyone else in the city seemed to have the same idea as me. The place was completely packed. It was insane.

I rode the bike for about 15 minutes, and ended up at the park. I was feelin kinda frisky, so I picked up a few tall cans and sat in the sun, enjoying them. It was kind of strange… for the first time since I’ve been here, I could sit back and really observe the area. I just sat there, taking in all the sights and sounds… it was a strange feeling that I can’t really explain.

After writing a long email to my brother, I took off for the park again.


It was really nice to just sit in the grass. Of course, I was alone, which makes it kinda difficult to mingle with the locals. They tend to frown upon lonely foreigners. Oh well.

After that I toured around my part of the city until I found a place to eat. I was pretty hungry and kind of drunk, so I wasn’t really too picky. Dinner wasn’t anything special.

After that I came home. That’s all. Birthdays aren’t so exciting anymore. I guess I’m just getting older.

Goodbye, 24.

Goodbye, 24.



  1. Nice bike mang.

  2. Nice to see you getting some exercise Mike….Whats with the hair???

  3. 생일축하합니다 (saengil chukha hamnida)

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