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Namhansanseong is a fortress that originated in the year 672 to protect from the Chinese. I decided to check it out last Sunday because I had nothing to do. It took about an hour by subway, and another 45 minutes once I got there, since I had to take a bus all the way up the mountain, which is about 500m above sea level.


The park houses 3 gates, left over from around 1636. I was pretty impressed by this place. It felt like a mini Great Wall of China… although I’ve never actually seen the Great Wall.


I was actually out of Seoul, but I was still able to get some pretty incredible views of the city. I was up pretty high and I could see Namsan tower, which is pretty damn far from where I was. It definitely wasn’t as rigorous a trip as Dobongsan, Gwanaksan, or Suraksan, but I got a pretty good workout. At the end of the day, I found a gorgeous shrine which was unfortunately closed. It was immaculate. There was a spring water well beside it too, which I desperately needed after my long hike with only 500mL of water:


I grabbed some cotton candy, and a bus to the subway station. After that I accidentally got drunk, and came home. The end.

Photos here.



  1. Hi Mike, It’s really Mom, not Dad.
    Those pics are awesome, what a beautiful place.
    How does one accidentally get drunk?
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Beautiful photos. It reminds me of the three years I spent in Seoul. Korean people are really wonderful – most of the time.

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