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Well, not much is new these days. We’re in the middle of monsoon season, so it hits at least 30 degrees here every day. Being a Canadian, this humidity is killing me. It’s like trying to walk through a closet full of socks, from the floor to the ceiling. When it rains, it DUMPS water down hard… sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours… and even sometimes days. I don’t mind the rain, actually I like it, but the humidity is what really gets to me. I drip sweat the moment I leave my apartment. By the time I get to school, I am pretty sweaty… and my school doesn’t really have air conditioning.

So, I missed my brother’s High School graduation, and the party, and a big yearly thing that my entire family puts on… usually about 60 people in a big park just relaxing and catching up. I really enjoyed it the last time I went… This idea of what things will be when I come back to Canada… how much will change? I’ll have been gone for about 1.7 years. Whatever has changed, I know that there will be my amazing family for me to come back to, with their arms wide open, asking me details about my experience here, which I am happy to answer. So far my experience has been somewhat reserved. I was never one to go out and party hard (except in college). I’d like to check out Hongdae this weekend if I have some time. Just have a couple drinks and see what happens. If nothing happens, well that’s cool too.




  1. Hey! Great pic! … even if it IS monsoon season. You were so right about the humidity. It’s killer! Glad I brought rainboots. I really don’t care if I look “child-like”… sure beats wearing high heels. Especially when you get rained on up to your thighs. I’ve decided to chuck my old umbrella and get a golfer sized one. Not that it matters since the rain comes from every which way.

    About your bro’s grad… that’s pretty crappy. I sort of think the worst part of being here isn’t adapting to the culture but realizing that back home things are happening without me. I got really sad when friends were discussing plans for our 5th annual camping trip – I’ll be MIA for this one of course. You’re right though… they’ll be right there when you get back.

    Take care!! 🙂


  2. Man, that’s gotta be one of the coolest pics you’ve taken so far.

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