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On Saturday, August X, I went to Lotte World with a good friend of mine. Lotte World is located at Jamsil (잠실) station. I was surprised at how awesome Jamsil station is. It’s like a huge shopping mall, really good for clothes and cosmetics.

Anyway, it was about 35,000 won for each of us for a ‘1 Day Special Pass’. It was definitely worth it. We went on many rides, and the lines weren’t even too bad, considering it was a Saturday. They have this hot air balloon-type thing that brings you along a track all around the park. That was really relaxing and enjoyable. It was a good time to talk and reflect on how our lives have been going.

They also have a roller coaster build right in the park! Indoors! I’ve never seen an indoor rollercoaster before. It was REALLY fast, even a bit violent. Rollercoasters don’t usually scare me, but this done definitely did. It was a great adrenaline rush, and since it’s indoors, there are a lot of dark places, so you can’t see exactly where your’e going.

There is also an outdoor place there, and they have a lot of rollercoasters and rides out there as well.

Note this picture. The people in the front are holding on for dear life. Buddy at the back is fixing his hair. I went on this ride, and let me tell you, the last thing I was thinking about was my hair. It was REALLY fast, and even a bit scary. I loved it. There were times that it felt like we were going to fly off the track.

Note the guy fixing his hair.

Note the guy fixing his hair.

This ride scared the heck out of me. For real.


My favourite rides were:

– Atlantis (아트랜티스)
– Gyro Swing
– Something about a comet
– This drop thing. They bring you up really high, and you get an awesome view of beautiful Seoul. Next thing you know, you’re rushing towards the ground at over 100km/h. Needless to say, my pants were a bit heavier after that one.
– These ‘spinning cup’ things, where you turn a disc at the middle of the cup and you spin around. They call it ‘Drunken Barrel” for a reason.

If you have a free day, and some extra cash, I highly recommend checking out Lotte World (롯데월드). It was a fantastic day.

For more information about Lotte World, visit their website.


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