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My love affair with Yongsan Station (용산) and its electronics market started long before I arrived in Korea. This is one of the biggest electronics markets in the world. The prices are rumored to be cheaper than most other places, but that’s not completely true. TVs and other home entertainment stuff can be had for slightly cheaper elsewhere, but you can bargain with the retailers, and they’ll often give you a gift certificate for larger purchases… not like I’ve been able to make any large purchases or anything.


Yongsan Station is a major transportation in hub, linking with Korail’s high-speed and regular trains to many different destinations around Korea, such as Pusan (Busan), Taejeon, and other major cities. Lines 1, and the Jungang line link here. It’s always busy, but both its location and major transit availability make it a very convenient addition to the Korean transportation system.


There are always many different events going on here, such as performances and minor sports events. It’s a place where you can go on a nice day and just hang out and people watch, which is one of my favourite hobbies here in Korea.

If you’ve got a free day, Yongsan Station is definitely worth checking out.



    • Seung Hyun Lee
    • Posted September 30, 2009 at 12:21 pm
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    hi, I’m Seung Hyun Lee. I’m your younger brother’s(Alex)classmate. Alex and I met first in class today. the professor of the class introuduced me that I’m from Korea. He brought his laptop and showed this homepage during the break. so that’s why I can visit your homepage. I’m really happy to see a Canadian who really likes everythig of Korea. It makes me so proud that I am Kroean
    you seem to enjoy living in Korea. moreover, you know well about Korean life style and culture. I almost agree that you wrote especially the relationship with other people when you have a girl/boy freind, and the parent’s intention of convinving their kids to be taught English. I am ashamed of this. but This is what Korean parents is. I’ve talked too much even thogh I do not know you. and neither do you. anyway. I hope you can have great things as much as you can in Korea. Take care/

  1. Oh, I love Yongsan too it’s so full of not only eletronics but also fun!!

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