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It’s been a while.

I am nearing the end of my contract here. I have about 3 months left, and it’s put me on an emotional rollercoaster. There are days that I love this city so much that I want to hug every square inch of it, and there are days where it feels like its people and walls are shrouding me in gloom and despair.

I am wondering whether or not to stay here for another year. The main factor in my decision is the fact that my brother’s wedding is happening this summer, in mid-July, which is about a week before I’d have a week off.

I do love my job. I love the kids, I love the city, I have a free apartment, a culture that spans millennia to explore, amazing mountains, and possibilities of advancing and maybe even having a ‘career’ here.

But, while I was looking through photos of my family last night, I felt the emptiness of living without my family. I also really miss my area, Niagara Falls, the calmness of Port Dalhousie, the fact that I can get a slice of pizza and a pop for $3.50, my friends, and especially my dog.

He’s not a dog. He’s an Irishman from the Renaissance who was reincarnated.

I talked with my old coworker who is back in the US. He came back home without a plan, like I am right now, and he is depressed and pretty much without work. The same happened to the guy who left before him.

I am still weighing the pros and cons, and I haven’t talked to my boss about any of this yet. Best case scenario (if I stay), I renew my contract, come home for a week for my brother’s wedding, and stay in Seoul. I can’t miss my brother’s wedding. I’m hoping I can bring a special someone from Korea to the wedding with me. But that’s just me dreaming.

We’ll see what happens and how things pan out over the next month. I’ll have to make a decision by January or so. I know I will be spending Christmas here alone, and I hope to use the time to reflect and get out and see some things.

I am also considering creating an entire new blog devoted to translating rap lyrics into ‘high English’.

Sorry for the delay in my update. I’ve been kinda down lately, but today is a good day. I will try to get out and update my food blog as well. Stay warm.



  1. Tough decisions have a way of making us grow.
    We explore options, weigh things in many different aspects, sometimes in ways we have never looked at before. Sometimes it helps us realize what is truly important and surprisingly what isn’t. These processes help us to get to know ourselves, and yes they are sometimes agonizing.
    The problem is the difference between what our heart insists,and what our mind says, as I think is your problem right now.
    I think you have already made your decision, you just don’t realize it yet.
    Your family will ALWAYS be here for you.
    I miss you more and more everyday, and if I was selfish, I would ask you to come home the day your contract is over, but the mother in me won’t let me do that.
    So I will wait for you to decide, and when you do, we’ll support you and your decision, and know that it the right one for you because it will have been well thought out and planned. It will have all been worth while, because you will know yourself better, and we will have a closer glimpse at the independent man you have become.
    We love you.

  2. Ok, so when i read that your dog is an Irishman from the renaissance, I almost peed my pants laughing at work!!

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