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Today I went to COEX mall to pick up some new shoes and a couple of shirts.

COEX is located at Samseong station (삼성역), which is also where the Seoul World Trade center is located. COEX is the biggest underground mall in the world, if I am correct. One of the reasons I hate that place is because it’s so huge. It’s hard to find pretty much anything without a map. There’s anything you can imagine there… even an Apple reseller.

Funny I mention that. I was there and I whipped out my iPhone with the cracked screen. You should have seen the faces of the employees there. Since the iPhone just arrived here on November 28th, they hadn’t seen a beat up iPhone yet. Mine is pretty haggard after a year of using it without a case. I’ve dropped it down stairs, on concrete, you name it. I even left it in a taxi cab one night. Luckily I have an amazing friend who spent 2 days of her time to bring it to me.

Anyway, COEX is huge. I’m not talking huge as in Yorkdale Mall huge. I walked out to find a payphone. After walking for 15 minutes in one direction, I realized I was still walking over the mall. There are several hotels built on top of it, as well as the Seoul World Trade Center. There are official retailers for many international companies as well, such as Nike, Adidas, Apple, Sony, Levi’s, you name it. It’s really a paradise if you’ve got a bunch of money and time to spend. As you know, I’m rich, so this is my ideal hangout. All English teachers are rich.

Speaking of the international experience, I went to some “Italian” place at the food court there. They had some pretty decent pizza. Don’t get me wrong, I love Korean food, but it was nice to have some real, greasy pizza, which was almost as good as HD Pizza at home.

The place is called Sbarro. It belongs to HAL/9000 on Flickr.

This is not my photo. It belongs to HAL/9000 on Flickr.


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