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I woke up at 11:30 today and saw how nice and sunny it was outside. I couldn’t let myself sit around my apartment playing xbox all day, so I decided to head out to somewhere I’ve never documented before. That place is Namdaemun Market (남대문 시장). It’s located at Hoehyeon Station (회현역), right between City Hall and Myeongdong. Myeongdong is another huge shopping area in Seoul, but has a bit more flash and allure.

Namdaemun Market is the largest market in Seoul. To get an idea of how huge this place actually is, check out the map I set up to show you exactly how big it is. What you see is pretty much 90% made up of the market.

You can find anything here. I saw ripoff Louis Vuitton stuff, fish split wide open, dentists, restaurants, you name it, really. I didn’t see much  in the way of electronics though. Nothing can beat my favourite place, Yongsan electronics market.

The place was completely buzzing because of the holidays coming up. I saw this really creepy Santa robot kind of thing that was doing the robot dance. I also saw some great bad Engrish shirts and hoodies, but I’m saving my pennies for my Hiroshima plan for Christmas. I am not 100% sure if I can afford to do it, but I know I will lose my mind if I have to sit alone in my apartment for the 9 days we get off for Christmas. I’d honestly rather work than sit at home doing nothing.

There’s a Salvation Army in this area, too. I went there and found this:

This used to be some kind of bakery with the Salvation Army attached to it. Now it’s being gutted and redone. I doubt the Salvation Army will be back there.  Sad.


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