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Wow I’ve been posting a lot. Please scroll down to read from my previous days’ experiences, as well as my New Year’s Eve post.

Today I purposely got lost. I find that the best way to experience a place, without a motorbike, is to get lost. I still knew where I was, because I am really good with direction. I wandered around for about 4 hours. I ended up at Hiroshima Harbor. Nothing too exciting there. From there, I followed the river back to familiar ground.

Nothing too exciting today. I just wanted to get out and see parts that I haven’t seen before. The people here are so friendly to me, and I’m surprised at how many of them speak English. In Korea, store clerks and such don’t bother to try to speak English to me, but I met a lot of people who did. In Korea, it’s usually the younger people who speak English, but in Japan, it’s mostly the older people.

Tomorrow morning, I have to wake up at 5am and catch the first streetcar to Hiroshima Station in order to catch a bus to the airport so I can be early for my 9am flight back to Seoul. I plan on being ridiculously early because I don’t want a repeat of my previous experience. 🙂

I just had a thought. What the heck am I gonna write about when I’m finished in Korea? My Thorold adventures don’t seem too intriguing. I wish this could be my job… to travel the world writing about the places I visit. I can honestly say that I would never get tired of that. I’ve only spent a week total in Japan, including my visa run to Fukuoka, and my time in Hiroshima, but I found that any place in the world can feel like home once you understand and experience it.

This blog and my talents wouldn’t be possible without the support of my friends and family, as well as the people who somehow stumble upon my blog in search of information on Korea, English teaching, visa runs, etc. My photography skills would likely not be what they are today without the guidance of my high school art teacher. Her name escapes me at the moment. She saw how awful I was at drawing and painting, and suggested photography. Boom. My world exploded. The concept of photography had never really interested me, but I do remember as a child that I would take my parents’ camera and use up all the film on them.

I started photography using black and white film, doing all the processing, including chemicals and manually exposing photo paper. I briefly experimented with rayograms, which were a really awesome way to make some psychedelic art.

Anyway, the last few paragraphs don’t quite fit in this post. I will likely add these to an ‘about me’ section of my blog later.


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