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Due largely to the fact that I was alone throughout my entire trip, I spent a lot of time at the Hiroshima Memorial Park. I spent the last 2 hours of 2009 sitting at the park, taking some photos, and reflecting on the year. I had noticed a trend throughout the year… I was always motivated to do things for others. This year, 2010, is the year of Mike.

I was sitting on a bench, and every minute, on the minute, they would ring the peace bell. Its sound was hollow and bleak, and absolutely bone-chilling. If they rang that bell once for every life lost, they would have to ring it about 140,000 times. If they did that every minute on the minute, it would take 38 hours, or over a day and a half. I made a video trying to express the feeling in the air, but I don’t think the video does the feeling any justice. The bell chimes at around the 25 second mark. Here it is:

Absolutely soul-wrenching.

A small group of elderly people were gathered at the dome praying for peace and prosperity in 2010. If there’s one place in the world to pray for peace, I’d say this place would be it.

More HDR shots from New Year’s Eve here.


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