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It seems some people in the world are just born with their dreams in the palm of their hand. It takes a lot of work and strife, but they eventually get there. Some of us are born to be normal people, others are born to change and shape the world, or at least share a unique talent, and make a healthy living from it.

Some of these people include Steve Jobs, Patrick Stump, Slash, Buckethead, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Tom Waits, Ben Gibbard, Richard Branson… I could continue. These people have had various ways of making themselves successful, but one common thing unites them. They are all doing what they love, and getting paid for it, in a substantial way. While doing what they love, they are contributing to mankind.

I can hear the laughs now… the lead singer of Fall Out Boy contributing to mankind… Mike what have you been smoking? It’s not that he cured cancer or unfolded the human genome. He inspires people. Ben Gibbard, the singer and songwriter for Death Cab for Cutie has written some of the most inspirational and vivid poetry I’ve ever read. Slash from Guns N’ Roses… his riffs (from the 80’s and 90’s anyway) speak a story, and express his soul. Buckethead, through his ridiculous guise, exudes pain and loss through his riffs, be them shredding or melodic.

These musicians express themselves in the ways they know how; with their instruments and their words. They were all born with natural talents. Not everyone is born with something special. Remember how your grade 3 teacher told you that everyone is special? She lied. Very few people are special. Luckily, I’m one of them. My gift is the ability to express myself through photography and writing. There are others with a more diverse style than me, and there are definitely better writers and photographers than me, but I am still utilizing my gift in the only ways I know how.

The difference between Tom Waits and me is a few million dollars, and a smoking and alcohol habit. I’d much rather have the former.

Just as Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple in the 80’s, perhaps this is my ‘rock bottom’. But how will I rise up? Will some bigshot agent from National Geographic or Digital Photographer magazine stumble upon my blog and offer me a nice big fat contract and all the gear I need? Likely not. But hey, miracles happen.

This is one of my self-centered posts that’s basically me thinking out loud. I’ve been told many times how I’m talented, special, and lucky. That’s true.


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