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Sorry it’s been so long, and that my posts lately haven’t been about Korea.

Christmas is over and now I’m on the 2-month stretch for home. I’ve decided that I will go back to Canada for spring and summer, and possibly come back to Korea for the fall. I’m also considering Japan, but something makes me a bit weary of that place. It’s like meeting a really pretty girl who’s self-sufficient, confident, and successful. What gives? There’s gotta be a catch. I’ll be doing some more research before I make my decision.

These days I have been pretty busy with schoolwork, as well as a new project that I’m working on, about design and typography. I’m basically trying to diversify my writing by forcing myself to write about something I know very little about.

I hope it takes off like this site has. I’m just about to hit 13,000 unique visitors.

We just did the grad photos of the kids here. It reminds me of last year at this time, and how sad I was to see the kids go. I get too emotional about stuff. I guess I get that from my mom. It’s just sad to know that they’re moving on, and 15 years from now likely won’t remember me at all. But I will remember each of them and their personalities that I’ve taken so long to try to understand. It’s not just babysitting here… it’s really like being a parent to these kids.

I will likely be leaving mid-March or early April, right when the new semester starts. I hope that I can be around to help out with the new classes before I take off.

I’m gonna go home and wait for my pizza. If you’re a foreigner in Korea and want some damn good pizza at a good price, check out Domino’s Korea. Good deals and they even have an English site. You have to pay with a credit card on the website, so I just use it to find a local store, and they speak pretty good English there.

Stay tuned.


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