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Myeongdong is a hugely popular shopping district in Seoul. It’s the 9th most expensive shopping area in the world, in terms of rent space in cost per square meter.

There are some pretty high-end stores there, like a Tommy Hilfiger outlet, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Lacoste, etc. It would be heaven for someone with more money than sense.

Speaking of more money than sense…

Frisbee, an Apple reseller in Myeongdong

It was pretty chilly out there, so I decided to bask in Apple’s warm glowing warming glow. It’s a typical Apple reseller layout; minimalist with a focus on the products. I really want lot of things in that store, particularly a 2TB Time Capsule. I can’t wait for the iPad to show up there. I likely won’t be able to afford one of those for a while, but it will be cool to play with one once they end up on store shelves. This store is 3 floors of Apple goodness, including a seminar room loaded with iMacs. Heaven.

Of course I took the opportunity to show off my smashed iPhone. I get a kick out of their reactions.

After the Apple store, I went home. Not much to see in Myeongdong unless you’ve got some money to spend, but a cool place to look around if you’re bored one night.


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